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Complete Guide to House Rabbits

A very thorough and comprehensive guide for pet bunny owners and especially owners-to-be. If you are new to rabbits as pets in the house or just want to refresh your education on them, this book is an invaluable guide to help you.

197 Photos Showing How To Pick Up Your Rabbit to How To Trim His Toe Nails

Step-By-Step Instructions Teaching You Everything About Basic Care

How To Find A Rabbit Veterinarian & Why You Shouldn't Use a Dog or Cat Vet

Critical Bunny-Proofing Advice & Special Tips for Successful Indoor Living

Indoor Living Arrangements & How to Set Up Your Rabbit's Abode Area

Hard to Find Tips & Tricks On Socializing & Training Your Rabbit

How to Properly Feed Your Rabbit & What Not to Feed Your Bunny

Recognize & Properly Deal with Common Rabbit Medical Issues

Every Chapter Is Completely Summarized For Easy Reference

Detailed Information About Bunny Communication & Signals

Dealing With the Loss of a Bunny & Volunteering to Help Rabbits

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