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Ware 15 inch Urine Guard in White

We've received a number of requests from customers with a variety of pet housing options asking for the traditional "urine guard" to help tackle the problem of a bun who insists of going in a corner of their cage where there is not a litter box. These guards attach to the side of any cage and span 15 inches out from the corner. They are 4.5 inches high, also.

Next time your little darling decides to back it into a corner and let loose, you'll find a puddle that was redirected back inside the cage, and not outside the cage on your carpeting (or worse).

These are designed simply and efficiently to attach to any cage that has horizontal wires.

TIP: You might also use a litter pan with a rim to keep pesky little bunnies from making such a mess. Check out our selection of litter pans for a perfect solution!

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Price: $14.99


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