Bunny Abode Details

Double Level Bunny Abode with Party DeckYour house rabbit is a friend and companion who shares your home with you and your family. They need a safe, secure and enjoyable home... one that also looks good in your living room or other room within the house.

The Leith Petwerks Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo fits your needs perfectly. Designed for litter trained house rabbits, our condos will provide years of stylish looks and comfortable living for your house rabbit.

The 48" Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo is available in single, double and triple story models, providing plenty of room no matter what your situation is. Each 48" condo comes standard with the following features:

  • Improved durable casters for easy movement on tile or carpet.
  • Solid floors provide a safe, sanitary environment that doesn't contribute to sore hocks.
  • Durable hard plastic flooring on all levels.
  • Cut to fit carpeting laid over the plastic flooring for comfort on Second and Third levels.
  • Generous 12" x 16" doors centered in the front of each level for easy access. Bun can easily step in and out of the door on the bottom level; the doors on second and third levels are for your easy access.
  • Inside and outside edges of doors covered in durable plastic.
  • Ramps have "rumble strips" which are raised pieces of wood running crossways that provide additional traction for ease of movement up or down the ramp. (Note these are not shown in the condo pictures here; however, you can see them here.) This feature used to be an add-on accessory, but now comes standard on all double and triple level condos.
  • Stylish light blond poplar hardwood (some poplar has tan, green and purple coloring streaking through it for a striking effect).
  • Solid tops allowing storage of light items (such as hay, bunny toys, etc.)
  • Quick, easy assembly and ability to be dissasembled for infrequent moving.
  • Designed to grow -- buy a single or double now and expand to a triple later, if necessary, with the purchase of Add-On Levels.

Our 48" condos may be customized by the addition of various features, to arrive at the condo that fits your needs perfectly.

  • Have two bunnies you need to keep seperate? Not a problem; get our "Foster Style" for no extra charge. This has solid floors on every level and no ramps.
  • Get cage guards to keep fur, hay and toys inside, and off your floor! Each cage guard set includes 4" strips of plexiglass and holders to go around the outside bottom of the condo on the sides and back.

Below you will find thumbnails to images showing condo details.

View inside door.

Note image does not show the new rumble strip feature.

View down ramp.

Note image does not show the new rumble strip feature.

Close up of door

Note image does not show the new rumble strip feature.

For more views of our flagship product in action, please see our Gallery. There you will find images customers have sent to us showing their bunnies in their new condos!