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The BEST for your bunny.

Petwerks offers you a complete selection of rabbit supplies, plus unique items you won't find elsewhere. The Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo reigns as the best solution to giving your bunny their own safe space in your home. House rabbits thrive in the home with their family.

Petwerks is owner Scot Leith, his wife Amy and one other full time employe, Jason. Petwerks has been working since 1996 to bring you the Bunny Abode Condo. We are located in Turner, Oregon and ship all over the globe!

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Bunnies love their Bunny Abode so much, even the cat is jealous

Cat be jealous of the bunnie's cool flat!

Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condos are the absolute best choice for your house rabbit. American made with materials sourced in the US whenever possible, our sustainable small business works hard to provide the best product for your house rabbit. Durable and strong, as evidenced by the customers we have all the way back to 1996 who are still using their Bunny Abodes!

The stylish and modern design fits well into your home, where the buns should be! Designed with your rabbit in mind, the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo is safe for rabbits of all sizes.

Customizable options help create the perfect environment for your house rabbit, and your lifestyle.

Your buns will be happy, and will be envied... just check out the look on the face of the cat!

Rabbit Approved: A Bunny Playland!

This awesome new line of configurable pieces mean you can make the perfect place to play and lounge. Get started right away with the Bunny Playland Starter Pack (not eligible for coupon code as its already discounted), which contains all the basic pieces in one kit! Or, purchase pieces separately to create the playland that is just right for you!

12 inch 3-way TUNNEL | 15 inch 2-way TUNNEL
30 inch 2 way TUNNEL | 30 inch TUBE
30 inch RAMP | 30 inch TOY BAR

Bunny Playland

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Products!

All of our products are vetted to make sure they are the best available for your house rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other small animal. If we wouldn't use it, we won't carry it. To see more of our hundreds of products, click the tabs at the top of this page for our different departments. Or, click on an item below for full info!

Megay Hay Rack 12 inches
Mega Hay Rack - 12 inch wide

Bunnies love hay. Give them more of what they want. [ more ]
See all Bowls and Bottles

2nd Floor Front Door Ramp
Second Floor Front Door Ramp

Have a foster style condo or just want to give you bun a little adventure? [ more ]
See all Condo Accesssories

Megay Hay Rack 20 inches
Mega Hay Rack - 20 inch wide

Got a bigger bunny? Get a bigger hay rack. [ more ]
See all Bowls and Bottles

Bunny-N-Clyde Mega Mansion

A great hidey-hangout. One of Lizzy's favorites! [ more ]
See all Carriers, Cages and X-Pens

Adorable Carrot Food Dish
No boring old food/water bowls here! Pssst... works great for human stuff, too! [ more ]
See all Bowls and Bottles

Veggie Saver Disk
Amazing tool for your fridge! Keep your bun's nom noms fresh. [ more ]
See all Food and Hay

Large Hi-Back Litter Pan
Easy entry, and did we mention it's BIG? It was a miracle for Marco! [ more ]
See all Litter and Litter Pans

Bulk Bag Toast Treats
Bulk Bag Toast Treats
Same GREAT shape, lower price! Just toasty goodness. [ more ]
See all Yummy Treats

Billy's Brown Bag Lunch
A wonderful natural bunny toy. Great for chewing! [ more ]
See all Fun Toys

The Love Glove
A fun, hands-on method of grooming your bun! [ more ]
See all Grooming and Care

Complete Guide to House Rabbits
Everything a house rabbit slave needs to know! [ more ]
See all Books and Magazines

Unique Rabbits on Chairs Greeting Cards
Classic beauty, and whimsy of the rabbit. Little minature works of art. [ more ]
See all Boutique Items

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