Bunny Abode Replacement Parts

The modular design of the Bunny Abode helps to make it one of the most reliable and long lasting pet homes you'll ever own. Customers who have one of the first Bunny Abodes, produced in 1997, still write to us to tell us how happy they remain with their purchase! Should the passage of time and use lead to a need to replace a piece, you can simply obtain the piece you need. We have devised a simple method of ordering that will allow you to see just which piece our product codes and descriptions refer to, making it easy to get what you need!

Please carefully measure the width of your Bunny Abode to determine if you have a 48" wide Bunny Abode Condo or the smaller 36" wide Bunny Abode Condo. It is important that you order the proper sizes, because we will ship you what you order, and if you have ordered the wrong size, it will be costly to return it to us.

** Beginning April 23, 2008 we switched to grey carpeting as the green we used for so long is no longer available from our distributor. It is the same type/form of carpeting, just a lighter, more decorator friendly color. We chose this in order to avoid either a price increase or a change in quality. See an example here. **

Replacement parts are available for the following items.

48" Bunny Abode Condos | 36" Bunny Abode Condos

Should you need an item you do not see here, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! Email info@leithpetwerks.com or call (800) 956-3576.


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